School Provisions

IG Sports Coaching Ltd works with schools in Frome, Rode, Norton St Phillip, Mells, Nunney, Midsomer Norton, Kilmersdon, Hemmington & Westbury. IG Sports Coaching Ltd aims to improve childrens skills for early years key stage 1 & Key stage 2. We provide breakfast clubs, lunchtime clubs, PPA cover, P.E lessons, WOW days, 1-2-1 interventions, after school clubs & sports day planning.

Breakfast Clubs: We provide the children with a positive and active start to the day with fun and engaging activities.

Lunchtime Club: Coaches lead engaging & entertaining games during lunchtime. these can be done on a rota basis for separate classes, or we can run activities/sport sessions throughout lunchtime for all children in the school.

CPD PE Lessons: A coach will work alongside your school staff to help build their knoweldge and confidence to deliver high quality PE lessons. We will liaise with your staff to see what topic they would like to cover and make suggestions form our extensive range of PE lessons, ensuring lessons that are tailored to meet the needs of the children in your school. During a 6 week block, the coach will gradually step back from the lessons and give feedback to the teacher leading the class.

PPA PE lessons: This provision is similar to our CPD lessons. A member of staff from IG Sports Coaching LTD will lead every lesson & the need for a school teacher during the lesson isnt necessary. Please note, this service can not be paid for from your schools sports premium.

After School Clubs: We host a wide range of afterschool clubs ranging from traditional sports (hockey, netball, football, tag rugby etc) to alternative sessions (archery, fencing, street dance & more).

PE Booster Lessons: This sessions is designed for children in your school that have low ability &confidence within the subject. The sessions is tailored to boost the confidence of the student through activities & games at their physical & learning capacity.

WOW Days: These sessions provide each year group/class with a taster lesson to a specific (usually alternative) sport. We offer a variety of activities ranging from traditional sports (hockey, netball, football, tag rugby etc) to alternative sessions (archery, fencing, street dance & more).

Sports Day Planning: IG Sports coaching Ltd can help your school plan your sports day to really showcase childrens sporting skills. We are able to include the best parts of a typical sports day but also give the children the platform to show what they have learned in P.E lessons across the year. We supply coaches on the day of your event to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Pre-School Sessions: We provide the younger children with sessions to help develop their fundamental movement skills through fun games designed for toddlers! We usually split nursery groups into 2 x 30 minute sessions or 3 x 20 minute sessions.

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